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The AIR Equity Initiative is addressing systemic inequalities in the U.S. and globally through our focus on four key areas—educational equity, public safety and policing, workforce development, and community health and well-being. Through our funding, we harness the power of research, evaluation, technical assistance, and partnerships to foster a more equitable society where all communities and people can thrive.

Through the Scholars and Leaders Awards, the AIR Equity Initiative competitively awards grants while expanding the pipeline of project leadership at AIR. Topics supported by this grant competition are suggested by the grantees and vary in theme and scope.


Educational Equity

Addressing Inequity by Improving Evaluation Design: Benchmark Effect Sizes and Design Parameters for Planning Cluster Randomized Trials to Detect Moderator Effects

Project Lead: Qi Zhang

ASSETS: Advancing Equity in Arizona through a Linguistic, Artistic and Culturally Relevant Integration Strategy

Project Lead: M. Beatriz Arias, Local to Global Justice

Bridges Collaborative Capacity-Building Grant

Project Lead: Stefan Lallinger, The Century Foundation

Bridges Collaborative Continuous Improvement Study

Project Lead: Megan Sambolt

Campus Without Walls: An Innovative Approach to Implementing Massachusetts’ Equity Plan

Project Lead: Jingtong Pan and Catherine Bitter

Contemporary Approaches to Gifted and Talented Education: From Hindering to Fostering Educational Equity

Project Lead: Scott Peters, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

COVID-19 and Equity in Education (CEE) DataHub

Project Lead: Cong Ye and Trent Sharp

COVID-19 and Equity in Education (CEE) Initiative: Longitudinal Deep Dive

Project Lead: Michael Garet and Susan Therriault

COVID-19 and Equity in Education Community of Researchers

Project Lead: Sushmita Subedi

COVID-19 and Equity in Education Community of Researchers : Promoting Mental Health Resilience and Mitigating COVID-19 Stressors in Middle School

Project Lead: Maciel M. Hernandez, University of California–Davis

COVID-19 and Equity in Education Community of Researchers: A Research-Practice Partnership to Support Black Girls’ Holistic Well-Being in California

Project Lead: Faheemah N. Mustafaa, University of California–Davis

COVID-19 and Equity in Education Community of Researchers: Compounded Adversity and Resilience During Crises: Student Homelessness in the Context of COVID-19 and Natural Disasters

Project Lead: Alexandra Pavlakis, Meredith Richards, and J. Kessa Roberts, Southern Methodist University

COVID-19 and Equity in Education Community of Researchers: The Influence of COVID-19 on Racial Inequities in Academic Outcomes and Enrollment in California

Project Lead: Tiffany Jones, Colorado State University; Valerie Shapiro, UC Berkeley; and Sophia Hwang, New York University

Do Social and Emotional Learning, Programming, and Strategies Work for All Students? A Participatory Evidence Synthesis

Project Lead: Joshua R. Polanin​​​​​​​ and Sarah Peko-Spicer

Improving Attendance Policies Through the Equitable Attendance Policy Partnership (EAPP)

Project Lead: Kathy Terry and Jenny Scala

Improving Pandemic Recovery Efforts in Education Agencies

Project Lead: Dan Goldhaber and Elise Dizon-Ross

Indigenous Student Identification Project

Project Lead: Nara Nayar

Brown’s Promise Learning Labs

Project Lead: Amy Amerikaner, Brown's Promise

Integration and Immersion: The Potential of Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Programs to Foster Integration

Project Lead: Jennifer Ayscue, North Carolina State University

Leveraging Title II of ESSA and Redressing the Post-Brown Decimation of the Black Educator Workforce in the South to Support School Integration and Educator Diversity

Project Lead: Gina Chirichigno, National Coalition on School Diversity


Project Lead: Joshua R. Polanin and Megan Austin

National Center for the Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (CALDER)

Project Lead: Dan Goldhaber

National Survey of Public Education’s Response to COVID-19

Project Lead: Michael Garet

Promoting Equity Funding for Schools Facing Adverse Health Circumstances

Project Lead: Thomas Snyder and Lisa Yarnell

School Integration Approach(es) Beyond the White Gaze: Centering Black, Latin*, APIDA, and Indigenous Youth

Project Lead: Nathaniel D. Stewart, University of Minnesota


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Public Safety and Policing

An Assessment of the Combined Effects of Police Training for Reducing Harm: Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement and Implicit Bias

Project Leads: Cassandra Ramdath, Center for Innovations in Community Safety, Georgetown University Law Center and Andrea M. Headley, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University

An Evaluation of the Center for Policing Equity’s Strategic Partnerships Program 

Project Leads: Roger Jarjoura and Amanda Latimore

An Expansion of the Evaluation of Oakland and Richmond’s Neighborhood Opportunity and Accountability Board

Project Lead: Melissa Yisak and Candace Hester

Benchmark Analytics Data Model Work Group

Project Lead: Minh Huynh

Benchmark Analytics Data Response Work Group

Project Lead: Candace Hester

Benchmark Analytics Data Unpack Work Group

Project Lead: Mary Ann Fox

Center for Policing Equity

Project Lead: Dirk Butler, Center for Policing Equity

Equity Measurements for Accountability to All People in Policy Solutions

Project Lead: Amanda Latimore

High-Quality Evaluations and Evidence-Informed Technical Assistance of the Institute for American Policing Reform’s Community Engagement and Education Pillar

Project Lead: Anne Diffenderffer and Candace Hester

Institute for American Policing Reform (IAPR) Capacity Building Grant

Project Lead: Nicholas Sensley, Institute for American Policing Reform


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Workforce Development

Community Health and Well-being

Scholars and Leaders

Amplifying Women’s Voices to Change Gender Norms: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Project Lead: Garima Siwach

Bridge Programs’ Promise for Ensuring Equity in Access to Opportunity

Project Lead: Neha Nanda

Building Capacity for Equitable Juvenile Diversion Practices

Project Lead: Namita Tanya Padgaonkar

CARES: Exploring the Impact of ¡Éxito! on Increasing the Diversity of Equity-Focused Doctoral Education

Project Lead: Graciela Castillo

Elevating Youth Voices to Understand the Gaps in Coordination Between School Services and Community-Based Organizations

Project Lead: Jameela Conway-Turner

Equity and Cash Transfers in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia

Project Lead: Santiago Munevar Salazar

Evaluating the Effects of a Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Intervention in India

Project Lead: Averi Chakrabarti

Evaluation of Oakland and Richmond’s Neighborhood Opportunity and Accountability Board

Project Lead: Melissa Yisak and Candace Hester

Finding Robust Equity Solutions: Documenting and Addressing the Advanced Course Access Inequity Issue

Project Lead: Angelica Herrera and Shuqiong (Linda) Lin

Generating and Reporting Staff Ratings of Quality Working Conditions in K–12 Schools

Project Lead: Benjamin West

Health Equity for Afghan Refugees (HEAR): Generating and Using Evidence to Align Multi-Sector Organizations with the Priorities of Afghan Refugees

Project Lead: Maliha Ali and Trenita Childers

Impacts of Inequities in Access to Language of Education on Educational Achievement: Evidence from India

Project Lead: Uttara Balakrishnan

Justice Equity Fellowship

Project Lead: Charrise Hollingsworth

Using Pedagogical Alignment to Enhance Educators’ Adoption of Culturally Responsive Practices

Project Lead: Laura Brady

Virtual Reality Immersion for Indigenous Language Teaching and Learning

Project Lead: Marissa Spang

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