Arayle Freels

Program Officer, AIR Equity Initiative

Arayle Freels is a program manager with the AIR Equity Initiative. She leads the Equity Initiative’s engagement and communications efforts to extend the reach of its programs and encourage dialogue, mutual learning, and action across stakeholder groups. Additionally, she co-leads the Equity in Education Policy Implementation grant program, which supports efforts to enhance educational experiences for all students. In her roles, Freels helps to implement and define the Equity Initiative’s programmatic agenda for the educational equity grant program and strategic communications plan.

Previously, Freels was responsible for grant monitoring and development activities for the AIR Fund, an AIR Board of Directors initiative that supported innovative projects focused on reducing inequality of opportunities for families and children in education and health, both in the United States and abroad. Freels contributed to the development of the 2017 National Education Technology Plan, and has worked on several research and technical assistance projects focused on adult education, workforce development, educational technology, teacher professional development, and STEM education. She also served as interim president of the AIR BLACC Diaspora Network Employee Resource Group. Freels is a licensed social worker in the state of Maryland, where she provides therapeutic services to families, children, and adolescents.

Arayle Freels

M.S.W., Clinical and Macro Social Work, University of Maryland Baltimore; B.S., Psychology, Howard University