Sushmita Subedi

Senior Researcher

Sushmita Subedi is a senior researcher in the Education Systems program area at AIR, where she leads and manages medium- and large-scale evaluations and research studies examining the effectiveness of programs designed to improve student outcomes in K–12 education. Current projects that she manages include the COVID-19 and Equity in Education Initiative and Teach For America’s planning grant for the evaluation of their alumni’s impact on local education agencies.

Dr. Subedi also provides quantitative and qualitative analytical and technical expertise to a range of projects, including Campus Without Walls Implementation and Impact Study, the Solution Network Evaluation, and Massachusetts’ school district reviews and monitoring and targeted site visits. She has extensive experience managing projects focused on school improvement, teacher preparation and professional development, and evaluation of systemic change in education.

Prior to joining AIR, Dr. Subedi was the research and project lead at Transforming Education, where she led research design, planning, data management, analysis, and reporting for a multi-year partnership with the NewSchools Invent cohort of over 11,000 students in 37 schools across 15 states in the United States.