Apprenticeship Industry Intermediary Project

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Apprenticeship industry intermediaries work with business, workforce, and education partners to increase awareness and adoption of apprenticeship programs in a targeted industry sector. AIR’s commitment to integrating research, evaluation, and technical assistance to inform and advance national efforts to grow quality and equitable apprenticeship aligns with this mission. As an industry intermediary, AIR harnesses the opportunity to collaborate directly with a diverse array of businesses, non-profits, and educational providers throughout the U.S. This collaboration aims to expedite the adoption and implementation of the apprenticeship model, thereby creating new apprenticeship opportunities for individuals nationwide.

Since 2020, AIR has been contracted by the U.S. Department of Labor as an industry intermediary to drive the creation of new apprenticeship programs with the goal to increase and diversify the tech talent pool in America. Focusing on high-demand entry-level tech occupations across all industries, AIR has a partner network that spans over 15 states and National Program Sponsors that can support apprenticeships in all 50 states.

Source & Grow Talent with Us
The Apprenticeships for Tech Network brochure provides details on our growing number of intermediary partners in the network that are ready to help businesses source tech talent.

The brochure includes a map that outlines the coverage per region and state by job roles for our existing intermediary partners.

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For this project, AIR’s team of business engagement, apprenticeship, and technical assistance experts bring a deep knowledge of the apprenticeship ecosystem, at both state and federal levels. This team accelerates the advancement of apprenticeships by employing strategic planning, fostering business engagement and partner outreach, and providing no-cost expert technical assistance essential to the design, registration, and successful launch of apprenticeships.

To support state-level apprenticeship expansion strategies and goals, AIR is partnering with states to employ a collaborative technical assistance model to accelerate and broaden the trajectory of registered apprenticeships through intermediary group sponsors. Our initiative entails delivering a comprehensive suite of workshops and tools, providing states with no-cost technical assistance. This support is specifically designed to empower potential intermediary sponsors in exploring, considering, creating, and sustaining apprenticeship programs.

This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.