Stephanie Veck

Principal TA Consultant

Stephanie Veck is a principal TA consultant at AIR with over 30 years of business, education, economic development, and workforce development experience. Her work at AIR, and previously with Maher & Maher, includes leading projects, advising, and providing TA for industry engagement, work-based learning, and cross-system collaboration. She provides coaching on registered apprenticeship expansion, sector strategies, business engagement, employment for people with disabilities, WIOA governance and high-performing boards. She also leads partner development for the CompTIA Apprenticeship for Tech initiative which is AIR’s USDOL Industry Intermediary contract. Stephanie is passionate about helping businesses in every industry sector recruit, train, and retain the skilled talent they need to thrive and providing high-quality career pathways for students, jobseekers, and workers.

Before joining AIR, Stephanie served as managing director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC), where she led the establishment of TalentFOUND, the Colorado Talent Development Network an integrated talent development system that met the needs of students, jobseekers, workers, and businesses, aligning education, training, workforce, and economic development efforts with industry needs. She also led the evolution of Colorado’s sector partnership work, championing the importance of industry-led partnerships, creation of Sector Summits, and a commitment that the role of the State is to support industry and local partners in ensuring they have the means and support to meet regional labor market needs through high-quality public-private partnerships and industry-led Career Pathways. Stephanie co-chaired the Governor’s Workforce and Education Cabinet and helped establish and served on the Governor’s Business Experiential Learning Commission, focusing on innovation in education and workforce development in Colorado.

Before leading the CWDC, Veck was the program manager for Business Retention and Expansion for the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, where she was the founding program director for an innovative business recognition program, Colorado Companies to Watch. Prior to her state work she had 20 years of business experience both in managing a rapidly growing firm and starting and operating two companies in rural Colorado.