electrical training ALLIANCE

Electrician and apprentice

AIR has a long-standing relationship with the electrical training ALLIANCE (etA; previously called National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee [NJATC]), dating back to the 1990s. etA has developed into the largest apprenticeship and training program of its kind, having trained over 350,000 apprentices through local affiliate programs. AIR works with etA to develop, validate and maintain their apprentice selection procedures, which enables JATCs to select the apprentices with high potential for success in completing an apprenticeship.

AIR has worked with etA on several initiatives, including job analyses, test development, test norming, and transportability analysis, all related to the Inside Wireman and Outside Lineman jobs. AIR has also reviewed and revised selection materials, including an interview rating form the test-administrator manual, and candidate-facing materials.

AIR is currently working with etA to develop a new apprentice-selection test battery. This development process incorporates equitable practices through the use of our rigorous item review process that includes reviews for fairness, bias and sensitivity. In addition to test development, AIR conducts regular psychometric maintenance analyses for administrations of the selection test battery to determine whether the items and the forms are functioning within appropriate parameters, and ensures the continued fairness, validity, and security of the selection test battery.

This project is funded by the electrical training ALLIANCE (etA).