Partnering with Intermediary Sponsors to Rapidly Deploy and Scale Apprenticeships

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Apprenticeship is a proven workforce training model that combines rigorous coursework with supervised, on-the-job training that leads to a national credential. Apprenticeship programs benefit employers by building their talent pipeline of highly skilled workers. However, navigating the processes of developing and registering an apprenticeship program requires resources and expertise that may be beyond what employers have available.

Intermediary sponsors bridge the gap between employers and the formal Registered Apprenticeship system by providing expertise, capacity, and networks that support formalizing occupational training.

Apprenticeship intermediary sponsors are organizations that have an apprenticeship registered with the U.S. Department of Labor or a State Apprenticeship Agency and are designed to serve as a hub for multiple employers within an industry. Intermediary sponsors propel employers by providing the capacity and expertise to quickly implement an apprenticeship program that meets employer current needs and is scalable to support future workforce needs. Additionally, intermediary sponsors administer the apprenticeship program so that employers can focus on providing mentors and on-the-job learning.

This resource explains the roles of intermediaries and employers and an approach for how employers can discover and select an intermediary sponsor that meets their needs.