Sector Strategies Framework Technical Assistance

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Implementation of sector strategies has been a focus of state and local workforce systems across the country, and evidence suggests there is an opportunity to strengthen and expand these efforts. Additionally, there is important work to be done to enhance these efforts by better centering worker voices and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility priorities in sector strategies work.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is partnering with AIR to develop an updated Sector Strategies Framework (and complementary technical assistance tools) to drive the establishment, implementation, and enhancement of sector strategies in states and regions across the country. The new Sector Strategies Framework will build upon the initial work completed by AIR and ETA in 2016 and will be informed by AIR's current research and technical assistance work supporting sector strategies at all levels of the workforce and education systems.

AIR's team of policy, technical assistance, research, and evaluation experts has extensive experience partnering with public and private sector organizations to advance sector strategies and sector partnerships as important workforce development approaches at the national, state, and regional levels.

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We are excited to support ETA in meaningfully engaging stakeholders, updating the ETA Sector Strategies Framework to include feedback from current experts and practitioners, enhancing integration of worker voice and a diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility lens, and developing and delivering innovative and impactful technical assistance and training.