Two women analyzing work together

The PROMISE Center team is conducting a structured review and synthesis of the implementation evidence on sectoral programs to identify promising practices, challenges, and lessons learned, as well as to develop hypotheses that can be further tested in our meta-analysis. Three programs that have demonstrated long-term impacts on participants’ earnings—Project Quest, Year Up, and Per Scholas—will be at the center of the study.

The team will also review evidence on related programs that have shown promise, as well as others that have failed to yield the desired results. The goal of this study is to identify program elements, implementation strategies, and other factors that could help explain success or lack thereof. In addition, the team is investigating program variations that might provide insights into how successful programs could be implemented in different contexts and settings.

The PROMISE Center works to develop, build, and measure the impact of innovations that can increase economic opportunity and mobility in the U.S. at scale. The PROMISE Center is directly supported by the AIR Equity Initiative, AIR’s $100+ million five-year investment to advance equity in several important areas: workforce development, education, public safety and policing, and health.