National Center for Healthy Safe Children

Fostering safe and healthy schools and communities can lead to positive outcomes for all children, youth, and families. The National Center for Healthy Safe Children offers resources, training, and technical assistance to support states, tribes, territories, and local communities as they promote overall wellbeing for students and their families.

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What We Do | National Center for Healthy Safe Children


Examples of our expertise and training and technical assistance include: 

  • Developing a systems approach through local and state partnerships to promote a comprehensive approach to mental health, well-being, and youth violence prevention for all children and youth. 
  • Engaging youth and families as partners in this work. 
  • Supporting trauma-informed approaches in creating and bolstering trauma-informed environments, practices, policies, and programs. 
  • Providing culturally and linguistically competent services and programs that are responsive to the diverse populations and needs of the community. 
  • Decreasing disparities among racial, ethnic, and sexual minority communities.
  • Improving the delivery and financing of behavioral and mental health systems through Medicaid and other third-party funding sources. 
  • Integrating and aligning systems—education, mental health, public health, child welfare, and justice—at the local, state, and national level.

Resources and Tools

Family Engagement Resource Guide to Building Family-Driven Partnerships With Schools

The Family Engagement Resource Guide is an all-encompassing list of resources that can be used to assist school staff, families, and community partners in developing meaningful partnerships with families that reflect the diversity of their schools and communities. This resource guide is organized into two broad categories: (1) family-school partnership resources and (2) child-serving system resources. 

Creating Conditions for Meaningful Family Engagement From Prekindergarten to High School Brief

This brief for Creating Conditions for Meaningful Family Engagement from PreK-12 is intended for educators, school administrators, and family leaders interested in strengthening their family engagement approaches and practices in schools and classrooms. An overview of key family engagement policies is provided to shed light on regulatory requirements, expectations, and recommendations meant to support districts and schools in their efforts. Also, this resource guide includes tips on how families and schools can work together to use their collective expertise to create optimal conditions for meaningful family engagement from prekindergarten to high school.

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