Elisha DeLuca

Principal Project Specialist

Elisha DeLuca serves as project director for the Violence Prevention Training and Technical Assistance Center (VPTAC). She provides oversight and direction for the project; serves as the primary point of contact for the client; manages the work plan and budget, oversees the work of all team members, and processes and procedures to ensure timely delivery of high-quality TTA products and contractual deliverables.

DeLuca is a project management professional who has been designing, implementing, and upgrading administrative policies and procedures, as well as coordinating systems for more than 20 years. DeLuca also serves as deputy project director (DPD) for the Integrated Prevention Training and Technical Assistance Center, which is funded through an interagency agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Defense (DOD). Previously, DeLuca served as DPD on the original VPTAC contract from CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention, Prevention Practice and Translation Branch, which ended on May 1, 2023; and on two subcontracts supporting the Violence Prevention course delivery of DOD SPARX Knowledge Training and the Violence Prevention course delivery for DOD SAPRO – AIR SME services to develop the asynchronous online version of SPARX. 

In addition to serving as project director for VPTAC, DeLuca served as PD for the Trauma Informed Leadership Training subcontract which provided AIR subject matter expert services to support training development for military leadership. In her role as PD and DPD, she was involved in all aspects of operating these projects. DeLuca served as the primary point of contact for the client and was responsible for activity and resource planning; identifying and recruiting technical consultants and subcontractors; personnel administration; monitoring timelines and progress towards milestones; ensuring all product development adheres to quality control processes; and preparing and monitoring of budgets and expenditures; overseeing database and web development and implementation, electronic and communications technologies, travel, and meeting management; identifying, evaluating, and avoiding potential risks; providing updates to the client during regularly scheduled meetings and upon request; and generating reports and necessary documentation related to contractual tasks and requirements. 

Elisha DeLuca

M.S.M, Management, and B.S., Business Management, Lasell College