Kelly Wells

Principal TA Consultant

Kelly Wells is a principal technical assistance consultant with AIR. She has worked with non-profit organizations and in the school setting for over 17 years in Illinois and South Carolina developing, implementing, and sustaining evidence-based programs in the school and community settings for students involved in truancy, juvenile justice, and child welfare.

Wells has also developed numerous community collaborations that focused on building capacity among all child-serving systems to address gang and violence prevention, mental health promotion, and juvenile justice reform. As a technical assistance provider, Wells has many years’ experience in training and delivering technical assistance through a variety of modalities to provide an in-depth learning experience—face-to-face site visits and in-person meetings, webinars, teleconferences, peer-to-peer learning exchanges, World Cafes, and experiential workshops.

Prior to providing technical assistance to Safe Schools Healthy Students grantees, she was a project director for a Safe Schools Healthy Students grant. Ms. Wells has extensive experience in writing and managing grants, evaluating programs, implementing and sustaining substance abuse and mental health programs, using communications to raise public awareness and build community support, developing community partnerships, and building capacity with state agencies.

Image of Kelly Wells

M.P.A., Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL; B.A., Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL