Implementing ESSA: What Policymakers Need to Know

Now that states have started submitting their Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans, the hard work of implementation will soon be underway. AIR experts provide evidence-based policy perspectives on ESSA and states’ strategies outlined in their proposed plans.

Reflections on State ESSA Plans - Policy Brief (June 2017)
AIR experts offer reflections on state ESSA plans submitted to the U.S. Dept. of Education as of May 2017. The plans lay out educational priorities for years to come. Highlighted topics include accountability, college and career readiness, and school improvement.

Teacher Shortages: Top 10 Ideas from the First State ESSA Plans - Blog (May 2017)
How are states going to tackle teacher shortages – and keep their great teachers? Ellen Sherratt analyzed 10 strategies from states’ new ESSA plans.

CTE and ESSA: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship - Blog (June 2016)
Two important events occurred in the last six months that could change the face of Career Technical Education at schools across the country.

How Can ESSA Help Students With Disabilities? - Blog (June 2016)
While we wait for IDEA reauthorization, what are three ways ESSA can help ensure educational services to children with disabilities?

Three Things We Learned from the Study of School Turnaround - Blog (April 2016)
Our researchers gathered the stories of 25 School Improvement Grant schools and communities. What did they learn?

ESSA and Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawai'ian Students - Blog (April 2016)
What are the implications of ESSA for Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawai'ian students?

What Will ESSA Mean for English Learners? - Blog (April 2016)
English learners outpaced the demographic growth of non-EL students by more than 40 percent nationwide. How does ESSA affect these students?

What Can Massachusetts’ Wraparound Zones Teach Us About School Turnaround? - Blog (March 2016)
Student achievement in low performing schools often suffers because of factors outside the classroom. How can districts overcome these challenges?

Making ESSA Work One Principal at a Time - Blog (February 2016)
ESSA puts states in the drivers’ seat on education policy. Will states go big with top-down policies or go small, focusing on a grassroots approach?

Are Schools Ready to Assess Social and Emotional Development? - Blog (January 2016)
Social and emotional skills are important to student success in college, careers, and life – what are the considerations for measuring these skills?

It’s 2016: Do You Know Where the Teachers Are? - Blog (January 2016)
A lot of alarming statistics get quoted about teacher shortages, but do they tell the whole story?