Infographic: State Apprenticeship Expansion By the Numbers

Between 2016 to 2023, states registered more than 15,900 new apprenticeship programs, onboarded over 1.3 million new apprentices, and reported more than 414,000 apprenticeship program completers.

Fueled by over $500 million in federal grants since 2016, states are key drivers of a national effort to expand the U.S. Registered Apprenticeship system and position apprenticeship as a go-to talent solution for workers and employers in every sector of the economy.

This infographic presents a new by-the-numbers look at how states are making an impact in growing and diversifying Registered Apprenticeship Programs. It presents an overview of current federal funding to states to support apprenticeship expansion, including a map of the number of active grants in each state and territory. It also identifies states that are leading the way in registering new apprentices, increasing the percentage of apprentices in the overall labor force, and expanding apprenticeship in new industries.

View the full two-page PDF infographic.

State Apprenticeship snapshot