Student Engagement in Math Blended Learning Study

Image of students working together over laptops

Increasingly, schools across the United States are using innovative educational technologies to increase students’ learning. However, there is still a lot to learn about these tools and their impact on teaching and learning in the classroom. For example, what is it about the digital tool or how teachers and students use it that drives student engagement and learning? Is it possible to develop learning tools that can create a more tailored learning experience for students?

AIR is currently recruiting interested districts to partner with us on this study.

To answer these questions, AIR is conducting a study to better understand student engagement and learning when math instruction combines teacher-directed instruction and a digital learning tool called LearnBop (

What is LearnBop?

LearnBop is a web-based math learning tool for Grades K-12 that is aligned with many states' standards, including the Common Core State Standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. LearnBop:

  • Is designed to increase math knowledge by offering step-by-step help in areas where a student may be struggling;
  • Gauges each student’s mastery level and adaptively suggests problems to remediate gaps in skills; and
  • Allows teachers to track the progress of each student using the teacher dashboard, assign additional problems, and form small groups based on recommendations from LearnBop.

What will districts receive if they participate?

Districts that join the study receive the following:

  • One year of free, unlimited access to LearnBop for participating Grades 6-8 math teachers and their students;
  • Financial stipends (up to $300) to thank teachers for participating in study activities;
  • Professional training for participating teachers; and
  • Ongoing implementation support.

Who can join the study?

To join the study, a district agrees to:

  • Identify at least five Grade 6-8 math teachers who agree to use LearnBop as part of their classroom instruction for 60 minutes every 2 weeks on average for the 2019–20 school year;
  • Enter into a data-sharing agreement with AIR to provide data for the study;
  • Allow researchers to collect data for the study (a teacher survey, a student math quiz, and classroom observations). Researchers will work closely with teachers to schedule data collection activities at a mutually convenient time.

For more information

To learn more about the study, email the study team at or contact Dr. Peggy Clements (202-403-5623). You may also learn more by exploring the study flyer, the frequently asked questions, and the LearnBop overview.