Whitney Cade

Senior Researcher

Whitney Cade is a senior researcher at AIR. She currently supports multiple projects, including two Institute for Education Science grants and the Regional Education Laboratories Southwest. Her recent work focuses on understanding the impacts of 8th grade algebra on school trajectories and college readiness, evaluating UTeach teacher characteristics and program features that predict student outcomes, and assessing the impact of disseminating information to parents regarding graduation requirement changes in Texas. Responsibilities on these projects include managing large administrative datasets; analyzing district, state, and national data; handling and analyzing survey data; and recruiting for a statewide school-based randomized control trial. She has training in propensity score analysis, mixed models, multivariate analysis, topic modeling, natural language processing, and educational data mining.

Before joining AIR, her graduate work focused on building adaptive, artificially intelligent tutoring systems for teaching science content areas through the use of natural language. Her research interests include expert human tutoring, tutorial discourse, intelligent tutoring systems, visual representations used in teaching, pedagogical agents, collaborative learning, and optimizing educational media.

Whitney Cade

Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology and M.S., Psychology, University of Memphis; B.A., Psychology, Rhodes College