National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI)

The National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) advanced learning opportunities for individuals with disabilities by fostering technology innovation. Specifically, AIR assisted researchers, product developers, manufacturers, and publishers to create and commercialize products of value to students with special needs. 

To achieve its goals NCTI offered services to: 

  • Analyze needs, issues, trends, and promising technology innovations; 
  • Cultivate a collaborative network; 
  • Promote reliable research-based solutions; and
  • Facilitate successful commercialization approaches for the education market. 

Funded by the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), NCTI worked with a deep and supportive community of government, nonprofit, and private organizations. Our network of individuals and staff were dedicated not only to the development of powerful assistive technologies but to the commercial success that would make them viable on a large scale.