The PowerUp WHAT WORKS website offers free resources, materials and information to help educators ensure that their students, especially those with disabilities, meet the Common Core State Standards. PowerUp offers support for ongoing personal and professional learning through its resource library, which includes instructional strategy guides in English language arts and math, professional development facilitator guides, technology implementation guides and more.

PowerUp guides teachers, school leaders, professional development facilitators, and teacher educators in their professional learning to enhance teaching and learning in English language arts and math through the effective implementation of technology tools and strategies. The website offers teachers, leaders and educators free innovative online technology implementation resources:

  • Creating a personalized learning experience. Teachers can personalize learning for their students by linking evidence-based practices and the appropriate technology.
  • Improving professional development plans. Facilitators and teacher educators can use the website and materials to customize trainings across different professional learning settings.
  • Sustaining a school-wide technology implementation. School leaders can use the materials to plan for a technology process that helps teachers and students achieve their learning goals and meet the Common Core State Standards.