Key Staff │AERTAC

Image of Larry CondelliLarry Condelli, Executive Director
Managing Researcher and Practice Area Director, AIR

Image of Mariann Fedele-McLeodMariann Fedele-McLeod, Director of Technical Assistance
Principal Researcher, AIR

Image of Stephanie CronenStephanie M. Cronen, Director of Research and Evaluation
Principal Researcher, AIR


Mary Louise Baez, Technical Assistance Consultant

Delphinia Brown, Distance Learning Product Manager

Amy Dalsimer, Senior Technical Assistance Consultant

Amanda Duffy, Senior Researcher

David Hollender, Senior Systems Analyst

Cherise Moore, Senior Researcher

Marcela Movit, Researcher

Ellen Oka, Senior Administrative Specialist

Michelle Perry, Technical Assistance Consultant

Kriselda Ramos, Research Assistant

Jaleh Soroui, Principal Researcher

Ruth Sugar, Technical Assistance Consultant

Marian Thacher, Senior Researcher

Sudie Whalen, Technical Assistance Consultant

Michelle Yin, Principal Economist