EdSurvey: Installation and Use

EdSurvey is an R statistical package developed by AIR commissioned by the National Center for Educational Assessment (NCES). EdSurvey is tailored to the processing and analysis of NCES large-scale education data with appropriate procedures. Here is how to get started with EdSurvey:


Installing and Loading EdSurvey

Unless you already have R version 3.4.0 or later, install the latest R version. Users also may want to install RStudio desktop, which has an interface that many find easier to follow. RStudio is available online from rstudio.

Inside R, run the following command to install EdSurvey as well as its package dependencies:

install.packages ("EdSurvey")

Once the package is successfully installed, EdSurvey can be loaded with the following command:



Using the EdSurvey

There are several vignettes available to assist in analyzing NCES data. Some of the vignettes are written with National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Primer data as examples, and other vignettes are relevant to international assessment data.



Documents that describe the statistical methodology used in the EdSurvey package include the following:


Contact and Bug Reports

Send us your questions and comments via e-mail:



EdSurvey Team

NCES Project Officer:

Emmanuel Sikali

Team leaders:

Ting Zhang
Paul Bailey

Current team members:

Michael Cohen
Thomas Fink
Huade Huo
Claire Kelley
Michael Lee
Yuqi Liao
Alex Lishinski
Trang Nguyen
Qingshu Xie