An Agenda for NAEP Validity Research

This report resulted from the systematic analysis undertaken by the NAEP Validity Studies Panel in 2001 to consider the domain of validity threats to NAEP and to identify the most urgent validity research priorities as that time. A framework of 6 broad categories was devised to structure the analysis: 1) the constructs measured within each of NAEP’s subject domains; 2) the manner in which these constructs are measure; 3) the representation of the population; 4) the analysis of data; 5) the reporting and use of NAEP results; and 6) the assessment of trends. Panel subcommittees prepared papers laying out the critical validity issues in each area, and these papers are presented in chapters 2 through 7 of this report. The panel reviewed the papers in each area and set overall priorities by a consensus process. The final chapter of the report presents the consensus ratings for validity research on NAEP.