Advancing School Discipline Reform

NASBE report coverDuring the past two decades, there has been an increase in exclusionary and punitive discipline in US schools. These disciplinary approaches have been discriminatory in their impacts and have failed to improve school safety. Luckily, a growing body of evidence shows that changing discipline policies and practices can improve school climate and student achievement.

This report, published by the National Association of State Boards of Education in Education Leaders Report, focuses on how to address students’ behavioral issues while enabling them to succeed. It describes current discipline practice—which is often reactive, punitive, and exclusionary—and its impact on students, achievement, and school climate. The report then reviews alternatives and shows what states can do to advance discipline reform. Each section includes questions that state boards can address in partnership with key stakeholders and using related resources. The appendix offers tools states can use in their effort to advance school discipline reform.

While written for state boards of education, many of the approaches described can be implemented by districts and schools, examples of which can be found in the report.