2007 Student Connection Survey, Sample Score Report 2007

In 2005 AIR partnered with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to identify the core indicators that schools must actively manage to support student success, and develop an instrument to assess these indicators. Based on consensus from a meeting of national experts and district staff, and refined through a series of 22 focus groups with students, parents, and teachers, we developed what Chicago has called the Student Connection Survey. The survey was administered to all high school students in 2006. For 2007, it was revised and extended to include middle grade students. AIR developed a reporting system to make the results useful and actionable by school teams, and developed an online toolkit to guide school planning around improving conditions for learning. AIR created a turn-key system so that CPS could continue to administer and use the survey after AIR’s involvement ended in 2007. CPS continued to administer the survey and include the date in its school profiles in 2008 and 2009.

The elements of student connection measured within the Student Connection Survey have been shown, both by research and through the experience of CPS educators, to be critical to student learning. This sample report evaluates these elements from the point of view of a school’s students. Schools will be able to use this report to improve learning conditions and learning outcomes available to all students.