Creating Pathways Into the Profession While Building Diversity With Registered Teacher Apprenticeship Programs

Lois Kimmel
Center on Great Teachers and Leaders
Cassandra Herring, Ph.D., and Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Ph.D., Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity
Black teacher with three preK students

Registered teacher apprenticeship programs (R-TAPs) are being designed and implemented across the country to strengthen the teacher workforce and address critical teacher shortages. In this information brief we make the argument that intentional actions throughout the design and implementation of R-TAPs provide the potential to increase teacher ethnoracial diversity in the workforce. 

This information brief is for organizations such as EPPs, SEAs, LEAs, or those serving as industry intermediaries, interested in: (a) exploring R-TAPs as a strategy to address ethnoracial diversity gaps and (b) expanding or improving existing R-TAPs to prioritize diversification of the teacher workforce.

This information brief shares considerations for data analysis, partnerships, funding, program elements, and continuous improvement that may be useful when designing and implementing R-TAPs.