Client Services in Disability and Rehabilitation

People with disabilities who receive high-quality education and health care are positioned better to enter the workforce and participate in their communities prepared to benefit not only themselves, but their families, employers, and communities. AIR’s diverse portfolio of work on disability issues provides both expertise and resources to help people with disabilities pursue employment opportunities and access evidence-based health care. Our policy recommendations support people with disabilities by helping them live more independently and more connected to their communities.

Surveys and Data Collection. Make use of cost-efficient methods for collecting quality data through web-based surveys, phone, email, or administrative systems. AIR staff use 508-compliant, secure tools for efficient, effective data collection.

Workplace Supports. Ensure the successful recruitment, hiring, and retention of your employees with disabilities by understanding simple, low-cost accommodations and effective implementation of policies to support company growth.

Train Service Providers to Improve Impact. Benefit from learning about people–clients, partners, customers, vendors, and others with disabilities. AIR staff offer customized online and in-person training for all staff to understand the different types of disabilities and how to interact respectfully with all people.

Economic Analysis and Disability Policy. Understand and improve disability policy and decision-making by using advanced economic methods to produce rigorous research. Our team brings expertise in effective design of reports, infographics, and other dissemination tools to ensure audiences understand and make use of economic and policy results.

Capacity Building. Benefit from in-person and online training by AIR staff on topics related to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) that include: data-driven decision making for program improvement, competitive integrated employment, working effectively with diverse stakeholders with disabilities, and training of trainers to sustain your initiatives. Our flexible, customized approach to training includes the latest in technology for cost-effective training results.

Research and Program Evaluation. Explore and understand challenges that interfere with optimal service delivery by conducting customized evaluations based on your needs, goals, and budget to support practice and improve service delivery.

AIR’s diverse portfolio generates knowledge and resources that help people with disabilities find and sustain employment and live independently. We also conduct research, provide technical assistance, and recommend policies to support greater access for people with disabilities that lead to independent living and community inclusion. This work includes the intersection of disability with special education, patient-centered health care, college and career readiness for youth with disabilities, criminal justice, and refugee and migrant initiatives.