The Readiness Projects: Leveraging Science to Support the Readiness of Youth, Adults, Systems, and Communities

Emerging cross-discipline science findings from neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and more contribute to a powerful body of work informing learning and development. These sciences validate what families and professionals have long known about the critical nature of relationships and learning conditions; and now brings new urgency and evidence to our work.  This convergent set of information illuminates the optimal human development periods—early childhood and adolescence—when we must act with intention and care.

The Forum for Youth Investment, the National Urban League, and AIR have united to devote our time, resources, and perspectives to stimulate equity-driven solutions and policies grounded in evidence.

The Readiness Projects will bolster work that supports the readiness of youth, adults, systems, and community leaders by finding ways to test the utility of recent science findings and inform efforts to improve quality, to increase engagement, and to advance equity.

The partners will focus on projects that:

  • Advance “stickier” narratives about how the science of learning, development, and thriving can be used to advance equity agendas.
  • Amplify the voices of youth and community leaders focused on these experiences and ask them how the findings can support their agendas.           
  • Assert the essential role of all adults in all settings—when, where, and with whom learning happens—and prioritize efforts to recognize and support them.
  • Articulate the need to advance the idea of a “thriving youth” field (similar to early childhood) to align work within and across systems and solutions.