Qualitative Study of Non-Clinical Support Services: Addressing the Needs and Preferences of Abortion Patients (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)

To better understand and address the needs and preferences of abortion patients who face significant obstacles to accessing care—including the need to travel to obtain care—Planned Parenthood Federation of America worked with AIR to conduct a qualitative study to assess the cultural, structural, logistical, financial, and other types of support patients desire when locating, scheduling, accessing, and navigating abortion care and related services.

The AIR team explored these issues through qualitative inquiry. AIR conducted in-depth interviews with 12 stakeholders across eight organizations and with six patients and held 10 focus groups in five regions across the country in both English and Spanish. The team also conducted a literature review and an environmental scan to review information systematically and comprehensively about all forms of practical, logistical support available to patients who travel for abortions.

This research helped to systematically develop and refine our knowledge of existing and best practices related to coordination of care and practical and logistical supports for those seeking abortion services by collecting meaningful data on patient attitudes and preferences related to those supports.

Coretta Lankford headshot
Principal Researcher
Eloisa Montes
Principal Communications Specialist