Local Transit Authority Job Analysis and Competency Architecture

AIR supported a local transit authority that has been in existence for over 50 years, providing nearly 300 million trips (rail and bus combined) per year and employing over 12,000 people. Due to the changing demographics and transportation needs of its customers, the loss of baby-boomer talent, the technology needed to perform the job evolving, and shifts in government policies and regulations occurring, the local transit authority realized the need to conduct a current and future-oriented (i.e., strategic) job analysis.

AIR conducted a comprehensive job analysis and generated competency models for jobs across the local transit authority. Overall, the focus was to move the organization from its current state related to job descriptions and competencies to a more ideal future state. This work represented a large-scale change initiative across the local transit authority’s organization and culture. AIR developed updated job descriptions, consisting of new core, leadership, technical, and professional competencies designed to define the nature of the jobs within the local transit authority.

Image of Christina Curnow
Managing Director, Human Capital Solutions