Job Description Update for Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA)

Founded in 1970, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) manages Nashville, Tennessee's airport systems. According to Nashville International Airport’s (BNA) vision, “by 2035, the population of the greater Nashville area is expected to surpass 2.5 million and BNA passenger traffic will grow from 12 million today to more than 20 million.” To enable BNA to accommodate this rapid population growth and meet the expected passenger increases, it is vital that its workforce have the capabilities to meet these growth opportunities. As a result, MNAA requested that a comprehensive review, analysis, and update of job descriptions be performed for its workforce of approximately 300 employees.

AIR’s efforts on this project resulted in the creation of new job descriptions for MNAA. We also summarized industry best practices for job descriptions, recommended job description software, drafted language for job descriptions that support the culture/values of the organization, designed job descriptions that support MNAA's compensation and staffing needs, and recommended a job description design that ensured compliance with regulations.

Image of Christina Curnow
Managing Director, Human Capital Solutions