Implementing the Good Behavior Game in the UK

The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a team-based classroom behavior management strategy designed for early grades, helping children master the role of student and be successful at the demands of the classroom. The GBG promotes positive behavior and has shown positive long-term impacts for students.

In 2014, Mentor UK and their partners began a multi-year partnership with AIR to develop and implement the GBG in 74 primary schools across Northern England and the East Midlands. Mentor was founded in the UK in 1998 and is part of the group of charities affiliated with the Mentor International Foundation, a partnership that shares knowledge and best practice across the globe. Mentor is the UK’s authoritative voice in protecting children and young people from alcohol and drug harm, bridging the worlds of academic research, policy and on the ground practice.

AIR's team provided all Good Behavior Game materials for the UK and worked closely with Mentor Foundation coaches to provide training and support and to make necessary adaptations for the UK context. AIR also provided consultation for a randomized control trial that extended from 2014 through fall of 2018. The GBG was delivered to over 2,000 children over a two-year period across the UK. 

Megan Sambolt
Principal Researcher