Grow Your Own (GYO): A Systematic Approach to Securing an Effective Educator Talent Pool Modules

Grow Your Own (GYO) is one strategy to address local teacher shortages and recruit future teachers of color. GYO strategies can address educator shortages and retention issues, promote a more diverse workforce, and support college and career readiness development in high school students.

Grow Your Own: A Systemic Approach to Securing an Effective Educator Talent Pool is a learning series with four short modules developed to support state education agencies, local education agencies, educator preparation programs, and community organizations interested in developing and implementing GYO programs in their state, region, or district.

The modules focus on these GYO topics:

  • Introduction to Grow Your Own Programs
  • Using Data to Determine When and Why to Grow Your Own
  • Developing a Grow Your Own Strategic Plan
  • Essential Components of a Grow Your Own Program

The modules were developed through a collaboration among six federally funded technical assistance centers, including two content centers: the College and Career Readiness and Success Center, the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders and four regional comprehensive centers including the Great Lakes Comprehensive Center, the Midwest Comprehensive Center, the Southeast Comprehensive Center, and the Texas Comprehensive Center.