Evidence Synthesis of the Sustainable Development Goal 17 Partnership Pillar

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as an urgent call for action to encourage all countries to work on ending poverty while improving health and education, reducing inequality, stimulating economic growth, and addressing climate change. With the endpoint of 2030 approaching, it is critical to assess progress toward the SDGs now, so any necessary course corrections can be put in place to accelerate toward the achievement of these important Goals.

AIR presented the results of the evidence synthesis of the partnership pillar of the sustainable development goals during the SDG Action Weekend at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2023.

Watch a video of the presentation. 

Read the report that presents the 17 lessons from the evidence synthesis.

SDG-17 – Partnerships for the Goals – as well as being a Goal and a Pillar in itself, is an enabler of the other 16 SDGs. This evidence synthesis of the Partnership Pillar will determine the next, vital steps to reach this ambitious target. AIR is partnering with the SDG Synthesis Coalition to design and implement an evidence synthesis that includes: systematic reviews of impact evaluations of the areas under the Partnership Pillar (finance, technology, trade, capacity building, and systemic issues); an evidence synthesis of process and performance evaluations focused on SDG-17 and independently conducted or commissioned by different entities of the United Nations; and a statistical analysis of Voluntary National Review data combined with in-depth case studies of countries that, according to the data, have made the most or the least progress on SDG-17.