Teachers in discussion

The Better Math Teaching Network developed resources for teachers seeking to reflect on and analyze their instruction to make it more student-centered.

The Guide for Reflecting on Instructional Depth, or GRID, helps teachers reflect on their instruction, identify areas where they can be more student-centered, and select strategies to make incremental improvements in that direction. The four-part video GRID series provides step-by-step guidance for determining students’ depth of mathematical justifications and who is driving those justifications.

The GRID Video Series

A Video Introduction to the GRID

This three-minute video provides an overview of the GRID. 

Examining the Depth of Mathematical Justifications

Learn to examine the depth of mathematical justifications.

Assessing the Extent to Which Students Are Driving the Justifications

Find out how to assess the extent to which students drive mathematical justifications.

Using the Grid To Make Instruction More Student-Centered

This video shows teachers how to use the GRID to make their instruction more student-centered.