Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning, and Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting

Designing and implementing effective development programming requires carefully assessing implementation contexts, monitoring results, and continuously adapting to participant needs and changing contexts. These processes rely on evidence-based research that provides actionable intelligence to inform and improve programs in real-time.

The process of monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) integrates monitoring and evaluation with a learning component, in which researchers work with program funders and implementers to understand findings from monitoring and evaluation and continuously learn from them. A related approach—collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA)—also aims to improve programs, by helping to ensure that they are coordinated with others, are based on strong evidence, and keep adapting.

Our Work

AIR offers a full suite of MEL and CLA services aimed at improving implementation. Our approach is grounded in real-time, evidence-based research, to strengthen programming and deliver development results. Our services range from fully embedded experts to an a la carte approach allowing implementers to select from a menu of options that are unique to their activity needs. AIR experts work closely with donors and implementers around the world to provide targeted MEL support, capacity building, and CLA assistance. Our experts integrate proven MEL and CLA practices throughout the program cycle and ensure successful, evidence-based development programming and policymaking.

In close collaboration with our partners, we develop theories of change, monitor project outcomes and outputs, manage knowledge, capture lessons learned, and facilitate informed decision making to help implementers make improvements. We use methods that are tailored to the specific context and the unique needs of each of our partners. To ensure that our research and MEL support informs all aspects of implementation and the program cycle, we work with donors and implementers to develop responsive CLA frameworks, trainings, feedback sessions, and workshops. Our approach centers around stakeholder engagement, routine review, and iterative adaptation.

    Jonathan Simonetta
    Vice President, International Development