USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina (MEASURE-BiH I and II)

The USAID Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (USAID/BiH) is committed to fostering a results-oriented culture and continuing efforts to strengthen the Mission’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) systems.

AIR is leading the USAID/BiH platform. AIR works closely with the Mission on the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE II) toward achieving two primary objectives:

  1. Utilize performance data and evaluation and assessment findings and recommendations; and
  2. Establish and support formal collaboration, learning, and adapting framework.

AIR’s focus is on localizing MEL efforts and supporting an enabling environment for learning and adaptive management. We support the dedicated work, leadership, and capacity strengthening of domestic staff and partners to enhance and sustain independent local monitoring and evaluation capacity and knowledge to serve BiH’s policymakers now and as international development winds down.

AIR provides USAID with rigorous, timely MEL and social science research evidence to support informed decision-making and adaptive management; engages USAID partners in continuous improvement efforts; and provides capacity building to local partners and MEL service providers. MEASURE II has continued efforts to strengthen the Mission’s MEL systems, foster a results-oriented culture, and leverage the achievements of MEASURE-BiH by facilitating the integration of evaluation principles and USAID’s collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) framework into the Mission’s culture.

Program Components

The five-year project has four mutually reinforcing components:

Component 1: Provision of technical assistance to Mission and Implementing Partner staff for the Mission’s Performance Management Plan, Project MEL Plans, and Activity MEL Plans. 

Component 2: Designing and conducting evaluations, surveys, assessments, and special studies, for the needs and upon the request of the Mission.

Component 3: Integration of CLA concepts into the USAID/BiH development programming.