International Labor and Workforce

More than 630 million workers worldwide—or nearly one in five of all those who are employed—do not earn enough to lift themselves and their families out of extreme or moderate poverty, and many face increasingly precarious work environments. Efforts to provide people with the opportunity to obtain decent work and receive a livable income are critical to helping individuals improve their lives and the conditions within their communities. More specifically, such efforts help individuals earn fair wages, feel secure in the workplace, and experience the freedom to organize and advocate for better working conditions.

Our Work

AIR works with governments, the private sector, universities, union representatives, and other international implementers to provide evidence-based technical assistance and conduct evaluations to strengthen local capacities and contribute to best practices in the promotion of decent work and expanded opportunities for the most vulnerable workers.

We work closely with both union and government stakeholders to strengthen governments’ capacity to effectively enforce labor laws and administer labor justice and worker efforts to exercise their right to organize and bargain collectively. Our work supports targeting labor law enforcement more strategically; using data to identify high-risk worksites and program and policy improvements; labor justice institution building; and developing innovative technology solutions, including mobile tools for union organizing and electronic case-management systems to better protect workers’ rights.

Carol Pier
Managing Director
Sonam Gupta
Program Area Lead, Labor, Workforce Development and Energy