Melissa Brown-Sims

Senior Researcher

Melissa Brown-Sims is a senior researcher at AIR. She is the project manager of two multi-year Transition-to-Teaching (TTT) evaluations with the Chicago Public Schools, a five-year state-wide evaluation of school leadership focused professional development program in Mississippi, and oversees AIR’s technical assistance support team of twenty-eight U.S. Department of Education funded Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) 3 and TIF 4 grantees. She leads and/or contributes to the writing of evaluation reports, literature reviews, and development of tools and resources (e.g., Quality School Leadership Identification (QSL – ID) process) pertaining to teacher and educator quality (e.g., school and district leadership) issues as well as charter schools. She also contributes to the development and writing of proposals. Brown-Sims oversees and leads the design, development, and administration of data collection protocols such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups as well as the analysis of the data.

Previously, Brown-Sims was a graduate student and teacher’s assistant for the Neighborhood Schools Program in Chicago, where she supervised a classroom of 32 students. Brown-Sims taught mathematics, writing, and science and facilitated student projects, assignments and presentations.

M.A., Social Science, University of Chicago; B.S., Psychology, Howard University