Courtney Tanenbaum

Managing Researcher

Courtney Tanenbaum is a managing researcher in the Workforce program at AIR. Her primary responsibilities include leading qualitatively focused and mixed methods research, implementation, and evaluation studies for federal agencies, institutions of higher education, and foundations. Tanenbaum has extensive experience in qualitative methods, postsecondary education and workforce transitions; rural learners; broadening participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); institutional transformation to improve equity outcomes; and, most recently, her work has focused on supporting higher education in prison. 

Read our Q&A with Courtney Tanenbaum about a program designed to reduce the English language proficiency gap between Native American and Alaska Native Children and their peers.

She also specializes in leading projects where AIR serves as a collaborative learning and support partner to clients and partners in the codesign of research projects and the interpretation and use of study results. Tanenbaum additionally serves as one of AIR’s certified Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Standards for Projects, Research, and Operations (CLAS PRO) trainers. AIR’s proprietary CLAS PRO is a measurable set of standards to formalize our process for infusing cultural and linguistic competence within practices and projects.  

Image of Courtney Tanenbaum

Ed.D., Higher Education Administration, George Washington University; M.A., Education Policy and Leadership, University of Maryland; A.B., History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University