Cheryl Graczewski

Senior Researcher

Cheryl Graczewski is a senior researcher at AIR. She is experienced in project management, collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data; developing interview protocols; conducting interviews and site visits, and writing reports.

Graczewski is currently the project director for AIR’s work on the national Impact Evaluation for Race to the Top and School Improvement Grants. She has assisted in the development of state and district interview protocols for this evaluation. She also served as the internal lead for state and district recruitment, provided oversight of state and district data collection, conducted district and state phone interviews, and is participating in the analysis and report writing for the first and second year results.

Previously, Graczewski served as the lead for California Comprehensive Center’s work with the California Department of Education in improving supplemental educational services across the state, as well as the qualitative task leader for the Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center. This Center reviewed CSR programs and presented its findings in an ongoing series of consumer-friendly reports. She also served as the case study manager and lead for the instructional leadership component of the study of The Implementation and Effects of Instructional Reform in San Diego City Schools.

Graczewski also served as the associate project director for the study of the Policies, Procedures, and Practices Affecting the Education of Children Residing in Group Homes, a study contracted by the California Department of Education to develop recommendations on improving the educational services provided to children in group homes in California. As the associate project director, she provided conceptual leadership and coordinated the activities and input of three subcontractors and two stakeholder groups.

Graczewski has experience in policy analysis and worked for three years at the Office of Management and Budget in the international affairs division before coming to AIR.

Cheryl Graczewski

M.A, International Affairs and Economics, Johns Hopkins University; B.A., French Language and Literature, Smith College and La Sorbonne, Paris IV, Paris, France