Andrew Wayne

Managing Researcher

Andrew Wayne, a managing researcher at AIR, supervises and leads work designed to help improve K-12 education. He also contributes to the management and strategic direction of the organization.

In his corporate role, he works to ensure that projects provide high-quality, timely, efficient services that meet client needs and add to the evidence base. He currently provides management oversight for several projects and senior staff focused on rigorous research and evaluation.

He also contributes to business development, providing strategic direction and expanding AIR’s role in bridging research and practice. He founded and continues to support the interdisciplinary group in AIR that focuses on generating evidence and applying evidence-based practices to improve teacher and principal effectiveness.

Dr. Wayne continues to build on lines of research from across his 20 years working in research organizations. In one line of work, he leads projects to design, improve, scale, and test the impact of K-12 educational policies and programs, especially those focused on teachers and teaching. Through a series of multi-site randomized-controlled trials, Dr. Wayne has examined the impact of providing teachers with performance feedback and different forms of professional development. His current studies of professional development focus on approaches designed to work across content areas and incorporate instructional coaching.

Another line of his work examines federal policy and its implementation. For the U.S. Department of Education, he led an evaluation of the implementation of federal policies designed to ensure an equitable distribution of effective teachers, and to encourage the use of better measures of teacher effectiveness. He also contributed to major evaluations by AIR of state and local implementation of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Dr. Wayne’s publications, presentations, and blogs reach researchers and practitioners. He publishes in research journals and shares his papers at research conferences. In 2017 he began a partnership with Learning Forward, through which he publishes blogs and regularly presents to practitioners and policy makers working to improve teacher professional development.

Before coming to AIR in 2004, he was a middle and high school computer science teacher, and a researcher at SRI International.

Andrew Wayne

Ph.D., University of Maryland, School of Public Affairs; M.A., University of Texas at Austin, College of Education; B.S., Physics, Dickinson College