Comprehensive Centers at AIR

Through the Comprehensive Centers Program, the U.S. Department of Education awards discretionary grants for centers to provide capacity-building technical assistance to states and school districts in their design and implementation of evidence-based policies, practices, programs, and interventions that improve instruction and student achievement and outcomes. AIR has operated comprehensive centers since the inception of the program in 2005, partnering with national, state, regional, and local entities to provide high-quality services and resources to support the education field.

Current AIR Comprehensive Centers

Like much of the work at AIR, the common thread running through the work of all centers is equity. All projects of the comprehensive centers strive to eliminate achievement and equity gaps and ensure that all students have the opportunities and supports they need to succeed in school and in life. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the comprehensive centers continued to deliver high-quality technical assistance to their regions. The centers’ flexibility allowed them to shift to online and virtual capacity-building and support approaches to meet the needs of states.

The Region 1 Comprehensive Center (MA, ME, NH, VT) builds the capacity of state and local education agencies and schools to improve instructional quality, address achievement and equity gaps, and improve outcomes for all students on state-identified priority initiatives. The Center’s work focuses “cradle-to-career” initiatives—from improving practice in K-12 literacy instruction to preparing students for the workforce—that improve student outcomes.

The Region 9 Comprehensive Center (IL, IA) provides intensive capacity-building services to state education agencies and education stakeholders. It helps state, district, and school leaders in the region successfully identify, implement, and sustain evidence-based programs and practices, with the goal of improving outcomes for both educators and students.

AIR is also a subcontractor in awards to operate centers for Region 3: Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, Region 11: SD, ND, WY, NE, and Region 12: CO, KS, MO.

2012-2019 Comprehensive Centers

During the most recent program award period (2012-2019), AIR operated two national content centers and four regional comprehensive centers. Information about the technical assistance services and resources provided by each center are available on their individual websites. Key resources produced by each center are also available below along with contact information.

Content Centers

Regional Centers