Employment After Burn Injury

Consequences of major burn injuries often include losing the ability to engage in basic life functions such as work or employment.

“Employment After Burn Injury,” an award-winning video, was produced by the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) in collaboration with the Northwest Regional Burn Model System. AIR operates the MSKTC with funding from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

The 11-minute video features Ben Swanson, who shares his experiences about returning to employment after sustaining a burn injuryIt also includes guidance from Model Systems researchers on making a successful transition into the workplace.    

Burn survivor back at work

"Burn injury can be so unexpected, and it’s hard to understand what life will be like after," said Dr. Steven Garfinkel, AIR Institute Fellow and co-principal investigator of the MSKTC. "My hope for this video is to offer insight on the process of returning to work, and to let others know that employment can be a real option after burn injury.”