Trauma-Informed Care Curriculum

Organizational trauma-informed care is an agency-wide approach to service delivery that is grounded in an understanding of trauma and its consequences and promotes healing and resilience. Over the past decade, AIR has developed its Trauma-Informed Care Curriculum to support organizations to embed trauma-informed practices into all aspects of organizational programming. The curriculum is grounded in a core set of guiding principles for supporting recovery from trauma, and organized around five key domains: supporting staff development; creating a safe and supportive environment, assessing needs, and planning services; involving consumers; and adapting policies.

The curriculum includes guiding questions and concrete examples of trauma-informed practices to support goal setting and implementation of trauma-informed care, and AIR provides training to support the adoption of trauma-informed practices across all domains. Specific practices, implementation strategies, and training for each domain can be tailored based on context and population.

See our suite of toolkits for examples of how the curriculum has been adapted for particular service systems and populations, including homeless service settings, settings serving women veterans, and community-based agencies serving displaced children and families.

Kathleen Guarino
Senior TA Consultant