Social and Emotional Learning Practices: A Self-Reflection Tool for Afterschool Staff

SEL Toolkit cover pageBoth the formal and informal education communities are increasingly focused on fostering opportunities for social and emotional learning (SEL) and the link between SEL and youth outcomes. There is a growing evidence that the social and emotional competencies youth develop while in afterschool programs can contribute to their success in school and life. As a result, afterschool program staff must understand the most effective strategies to promote the development of social and emotional competencies in youth. They must understand, too, how to build and improve their own social and emotional competencies.

This self-reflection tool focuses on five social and emotional competencies, including self-awareness, self-management/emotion regulation, social awareness, relationship/social skills, and responsible decision-making. The tool is designed to help afterschool program staff reflect upon their own social and emotional competencies and their ability to support young people's SEL through program practices.