A Review of Statewide Learner Competency and Assessment Systems

Mark Kutner, Lenore Webb, Nancy Matheson

Objectives of this Paper
In the 1990s, the Division of Adult Education and Literacy’s Technical Assistance Project for State Accountability and Assessment has been assisting states in their efforts to enhance program accountability and assessment systems. Through the course of this project, we have learned about a number of state efforts to develop a statewide system of learner competencies, curriculum, and assessment. In this paper, the initiatives being undertaken by 11 states in this area are described: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Oregon, Texas, Washington, West Virginia.

Through telephone interviews, as well as a review of materials on the development of statewide learner competency and assessment systems, the following types of information were obtained:

  • Background data on the processes states have undertaken in developing competency and assessment systems.
  • Learner competencies selected and sample curriculum guides to support instruction related to these competencies.
  • Assessment instruments and procedures for measuring learner competencies.
  • Procedures for recognizing the progress learners make in meeting the competencies.