Building District Capacity for Data-Informed Leadership (Fresno–Long Beach Learning Partnership)

Helen Duffy, Stephanie Hannan, Jennifer O’Day, and Jim Brown

The two school districts in the Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership are building a multifaceted approach to monitoring the progress of their students and their systems.

As the partnership between the third and fourth largest California school systems has grown, the districts have developed not only sophisticated ways of looking at student outcomes, but also leading indicators, such as course transcripts and formative assessment scores, that provide evidence about students’ opportunities and progress along the way.

The Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership is a collaboration between Fresno and Long Beach Unified School Districts, the third and fourth largest districts in California. The Partnership is designed to accelerate achievement for all students and to close achievement gaps by capitalizing on shared, systemic capacity-building across the two districts. The districts identified four strands that focus their work: enhancing mathematics instruction, improving outcomes for English learners, developing leadership at the school and district levels, and college and career readiness.