Ambassador Bass Visits Kutaisi Vocational Training Center

United States Ambassador to Georgia John Bass visited the Vocational Education Center (VEC) in Kutaisi on March 18, 2010 to visit the trainees and instructors in the construction trade courses sponsored by the USAID-funded Vocational Education Project in Georgia (VEP). Ambassador Bass was greeted by USAID COTR Medea Kakachia, VEP in Georgia staff, and the VEC Director Tinatin Losaberidze. While touring the classrooms where instruction was in progress, Ambassador Bass commented that he was pleased to see the hands-on activities that were used as instructional tools. He stopped frequently during his tour to speak to trainees about their training experience and to the instructors about the organization of their program.

VEP trainees in masonry and VEP interns had recently been building a boundary wall for the VEC as an on-site work experience. Ambassador Bass was provided the opportunity to install the wall’s last block on which a plaque commemorating the wall as a gift from the American people had been mounted. The inscription in English and Georgian reads: “In appreciation to the people of America, through the USAID-funded Vocational Education Project in Georgia, for this wall, constructed by VEP trainees and interns. March 2010.” A drizzling rain prevented the masons from applying the final rendering to complete the wall.

The Ambassador concluded his visit with interviews with the press, including both national and local television channels, in which he stressed that the USAID project was important not only because of the quality training it offered but also because of the employment opportunities it afforded the trainees. He emphasized that the United States appreciated being a part of the effort to train and employ Georgians.