Precision Communication Model

There is a growing need to understand how technology can indicate or predict health-related behavior. If we are able to use, collect, and integrate health data from online and offline sources, we can work towards improving health-related behavioral outcomes. There are a variety of communications methods, both digital and traditional, that can support furthering these outcomes.

The AIR Precision Communication Model provides a framework of how to use communication outlets to better understand health behaviors. It is based in health communication theory and is designed to guide how communicators explore data and metrics to analyze future behaviors.

As a practical tool, the model aims to advance audience-centric strategic thinking that is more targeted and precise in three major ways:

  1. Integrating health and technographic data sources with digital behavior marketing data for audience segmentation yielding a more complete understanding of audience behavior.
  2. Identifying the communication vectors and channels most likely to encourage specific consumer segments along the health behavior change continuum (‘audience journey’).
  3. Supporting systematic ‘one world’ (online/offline) data collection and analysis at all phases of the ‘awareness through behavior’ continuum.