The National Education Technology Plan: How Technology Can Improve Teaching and Learning

AIR's Ed Tech Download podcast series explores why research is a critical part of technology development, and what developers should be aware of as they begin using research to evaluate and improve their products. 

These three episodes explore the U.S. Department of Education's National Education Technology Plan, which shares new technology advances and research on how technology and digital resources can enhance teaching and learning. AIR experts wrote the plan for an audience of educators, researchers, policymakers, technology innovators, community-based leaders, students and their families. In the podcasts, AIR's Tracy Gray and Larry Friedman discuss the plan with Bart Epstein of Jefferson Education Accelerator.

Part I: Three Key Components of Implementation looks at why leadership, infrastructure, and assessment are key ingredients in the successful implementation of technology.

Part II: Learning Technology That Promotes Active Use looks at promising examples of  how to directly engage students and push them to another level in their cognitive development.

Part III: The Role of Leaders explains how leaders can help leverage technology to support teaching and learning.

Part I: Three Key Components of Implementation


Part II: Learning Technology that Promotes "Active Use"


Part III: The Role of Leaders