ESSA Key Resources: Selecting the Right Evidence-Based Practices

Evidence-based practices (EBPs) play an important role in ESSA. AIR experts have compiled a list of key resources to help education leaders choose the right evidence-based practice or program for your district or school and bring positive outcomes for their students. Read our action guide about evidence-based practices and ESSA >>

Key Resources

Data Analysis and Practices to Prioritize Improvement Areas

Key Resources to Flag EBPs That Meet Evidence Requirements

Evidence-Based Practices Support Available from AIR

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  • AIR student performance data co-interpretationSM training
  • Root-cause analysis training
  • Training on evidence tiers and selection of practices based on local criteria
  • Training in evaluation of practices for local fit, capacity, and other local criteria


  • Gap analysis of current school improvement practices
  • Establishing state and local procedures for vetting clearinghouses and evidence tier review
  • Establishing protocols for consideration and review of original research
  • Literature review for potential practices
  • Statistics, Website, and Training project for WWC
  • Evaluation of potential practices against research-based criteria and/or local criteria
Alicia Garcia
Managing Director
Image of Elisabeth Davis
Principal Researcher